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40 years of light

40 years of light at the University of Warwick

Start Date: 2nd May 2005

End Date: 7th May 2005

Hours when viewing is possible: 20.00 – 00.00

40 years of light is an exciting and innovative project that will project images from the University's recent and more distant past onto buildings and hard surfaces around the University’s main campus.

The set up of this project has involved an immense amount of help and support from both academic and non-academic departments around the University who have donated treasured photos, rooms, and enthusiasm in helping with the exhibition.

The Modern Records Centre have also been incredibly helpful in providing images throughout, but particular thanks has to go to the Coventry Evening Telegraph who allowed us to use their many excellent photos going back to before the University was just fields and an idea. Curiously they also have a wealth of images of protests and occupations which seem sadly lacking in the archives!

Additional thanks has to go to our equipment suppliers, and event partners LIVE in Birmingham who not only provided us with excellent kit, but also with plenty of ideas and problem solving skills that meant that any headaches were solved instantly.

Each site is individually themed, and you can see a map of locations here.



Site Themes:

1 University Physical Development

2 1979 Intake commemoration

3 Transport, Student Life and Staff Disputes

4 Student Politics and Activism

5 Poetry Corner - Featuring the 40th Anniversary Poems

6 Good Works and Spirituality

7 Famous Visitors Inaugurations and Campus Personalities

8 History of Social Studies

9 Leisure and Sport at Warwick

10 The Sciences - supported by the Royal Society of Chemistry

11 Engineering

12 Maths, Computing and 3D Imaging