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Staff Memories - Audrey Paskett

When I went to work in Senate House in the late 70s it was customary for exam results to be posted on screens in the foyer. I was told it was a great place to be to share in the excitement and celebrations as the results went up. When the first sheets were posted I waited impatiently for the first whoops of joy to begin and the first student arrived just as the last drawing pin had gone in. We beamed at one another and I hovered ready to congratulate her. Shock horror - a loud wail reverberated round the hall and she kept shrieking "my name is not on the list". She had failed. My day was ruined too.

Remember the days of student unrest? Ancillary staff were placed strategically at Union meetings to find out if a protest march or sit in was about to take place and back at Senate House the locks and chains came out and downstairs windows and doors were chained and locked. When it seemed likely that real trouble lay ahead vans of policemen were brought in and parked behind the post room. Policemen drink a lot of tea and we all enjoyed a lively time waiting for trouble. I only remember one sit in- I had about three minutes to lock everything away before the students poured in and threw me out. Those were the days!

Audrey Paskett
Former receptionist and secretarial assistant Ancillary Services