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Staff Memories - Esme Bradbury

Living locally it was with interest and some degree of amazement to catch glimpses across the fields of the new buildings of the main campus. Stark, white shapes shining in the sunlight appeared as a futuristic dream or space city. We muttered a bit “Why here?” But thank goodness for the foresight and imagination of those responsible. The university has become something the old locals are so proud to have in their backyards. Facilities beyond imagination to share – music, theatre and art. A spotless and well-landscaped campus with its many types of building fits in surprisingly well with the natural environment.

Employment too! As a very mature temp. I met Margaret Wallis, Kurt Deutsch, Alex Sproat and Margaret Hughes. Then in Warwick’s usual position of being ahead of legislation, ageism did not prevail and I had a permanent job in the Deputy Registrar’s Office working for Gwynneth Rigby and then Jonathan Nicholls. In my time in Senate House it was exciting too see something of how the efficient way of managing was achieved but always with the wellbeing of the students at the centre. There was a true sense of community and commitment.

I have noticed that retired staff speak of Warwick as “our” university and I am sure that is pride and not just nostalgia!

Esme Bradbury
Deputy Registrar’s Office 1986-1991