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Staff Memories - Laura Lock

When the Queen officially opened the University in June 1970, the Catering Department has the honour to provide lunch for Her Majesty and 250 guests on the Physics Concourse. As a Catering Supervisor I was privileged to be picked to assist the then Deputy Catering Officer, John D Stubbs, in serving Her Majesty and 6 VIPs, including Mr and Mrs Butterworth as they were then. A wonderful day.

I remember coming to work one day to find that some students (we assumed) had painted the first chapter of Winnie the Pooh on the footpath from Gibbet Hill to central campus. Lots of people walked backwards down the hill reading it until the painting was cleaned up. We were quietly amused.

In the early days, Graduation was I the Cathedral then lunch was served in a marquee beside the Maths Institute houses and Gibbet Hill Restaurant. Ham salad and strawberries were served. The VIPs lunched in the Vice Chancellor’s dining room (the Green Room). All this was on just one Saturday when Graduation was still an intimate occasion. The smell of newly mown grass, damp soil and strawberries always take me back to those days.

Laura Lock
Head Cashier, Hospitality Services