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Staff Memories - Malcolm Melrose

The fledgling Careers Service was located near the East Site lecture theatre. The view consisted mainly of ploughed fields. My title was Assistant Appointments Officer.

Underfloor heating had been installed. After some months, the feet of my desk chair had forced depressions in the floor covering. The explanation from the Estates Office was that “experimental concrete mixes had been laid using less and less cement for reasons related to hating efficiency”! The mix used for the part of the flooring in my office had very little cement in it.

In the early 1970s there was a purge on using University telephones for personal business. I received a visit from Brigadier Harding to tell me that it had been reported that I had phoned the bank. Perfectly true. I had been dong my job making arrangements for a careers visit.

Malcolm Melrose
Careers 1967-1993