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Staff Memories - Patricia Bragg

In 1978 on the first of April (All Fools’ Day) Coventry College of Education (now Westwood) was very pleased with the news that at the eleventh hour they were to join the University of Warwick on one big campus. Jack Butterworth and Mike Shattock came to our crowed Staff Council and formally made the announcement. We were impressed with Jack’s outgoing and pleasing manner and his positive views for our joint future.

This welcome was duly followed by an invitation from Doris, as President of the Women’s Group, for the Social Committee from the College to join forces with the University Women’s Group. This readily happened and several very memorable events took place. Doris inspired and Jack fully supported and facilitated these occasions. Remember the 1920s Dinner Dance and Cabaret, A Grand Caribbean Evening with a Steel Band plus a Strawberry Cocktail! A Spanish Supper and Dance. This was great fun for people came dressed the part, non more aptly than Jack looking like a matador in purple and gold. This celebration happened to be on the night of his elevation to the peerage.

Many more events, together with the generous hospitality at 110 Kenilworth Road, enabled staff to become acquainted across the various faculties rather than limited to inter-departmental work relationships.

Doris and Jack worked hard and regarded as important the social aspects of the University. They enjoyed welcoming people and hence made a big success of it – to the great benefit and appreciation of so many.

N.B. Both the original women’s Group ‘Book Club’ and Cookery club’ are still very much alive and thriving.

Patricia Bragg
Lecturer in Physical Education 1978-90