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Memories from Students

Name: Diarmaid Mac Dermott
Years at Warwick: 1972 - 76
"My years at Warwick were full of fun, new friendships, new ideas, new experiences and the occasional bit of academic work. Who can forget the tempestuous Student Union meetings(UGMs) in Rootes with the major ideological battles fought out over the lunchtime pints! And what about the running battles with the University admin over every issue from Vietnam to the price of a pint. As for the campus - what a building site. But above all I remember Warwick for the characters - every one of them totally individual and totally unique - Joe Lush in the kitchens, Nita Bowes, Kasper de Graaf, Louis Parperis, Anne Netherwood, and so many others. Thanks for the memories."

Name: Andrew Maitland
Years at Warwick:
" The best! Sunny afternoons in the piazza; a different sport every day; living in Rootes; the bus journey from Leam. it's a shame the real world has to start some time! "


Name: Mingchao Sun
Years at Warwick: 2005
" I had a very good time in Warwick for three and half years. Now I am working in China and what I learnt from Warwick give me confidence to face up my new life here. I wish to keep contact with Warwick forever. "


Name: Chimwemwe Mfune
Years at Warwick:
" Among the best times of my life, from quality intensive classes, gymn, sports, church, friendships, dancing, food, variety shows, movies, cosy flats! nearby shops.., wow, there is no place like warwick... I Intend to get my PHD from warwick in future.

Warwick, look out for me, for I shall return! "


Name: Jie, Dong
Years at Warwick: 2002-2003
"I came to warwick without a clear understanding of what i was to learn, and left warwick as a revamped person.

I not only benefited from doing indepth research in my field of study, but gained a flavor of British country life and Anglicanism by going to St. Johns in the nearby town of Kenilworth.

The fame of Warwick is not that important in China for few people know any British Universities other than Oxbridge.

What will make much more sense is what I have gleaned academically and what I have experienced with the British Congregation and British Students.

Oh one last thing, it is also hard to come by fresh shrimps, as what i could get from Tesco near Claycroft, back home. "


Name: Hope Atuhairwe
Years at Warwick: 2002-2003
" It was a great experience. Academically very rewarding and was sad to leave at the end of my study. For the twelve months i was there, Warwick had become a special place: the friendly students,and staff and of course not forgetting my classmates-very social people. My graduation was very memorable too. "


Name: Leila Garrett
Years at Warwick: 1977-78
"I remember the campus being very small. The students' union was very tiny too but it was quite active. I used to live in Redfern Flats and one night I had a Peeping Tom come to peep at me through my ground floor flat. I had to tell the other girls in the flat as they used to keep their windows opened what had happened. We were a bit scared because the Yorkshire Rippper was on the loose then!"


Name: Luis Gautier-Mercado
Years at Warwick: 2001-2
"My experience at Warwick was both academic and personal. The former played an important role in developing my interest and understanding of various, contrasting cultures. I had the opportuniy to meet new people from different backgrounds, which led me to comprehend the importance of understanding culture to grow both personal and professionally. As for academics at Warwick, it was certainly a challenging and rewarding experience. While doing my Msc in Economics I learned, among other things, that perseverance, consistency and excellence are of paramount importance if one wants to achieve a successful career. The knowledge, experience, and international exposure acquired at Warwick have provided the necessary tools to thrive in an ever changing global economy."


Name: Amali De Silva
Years at Warwick: 1985-88
"Met a large number of very interesting and warm people with whom I spent many hours chatting about a wide range of subjects. A wonderful experience! "


Name: Simon Springett
Years at Warwick: 1995-1998
"The Creda Corvette water heaters in Tocil Flats: if filled to the brim they looked empty. When the unsuspecting victim tried to fill it a fountain of cold water erupted from the vent on the top.

The Cone.

A pretty girl seen across a room (it’s our silver anniversary this summer).

The Christian Union: the largest and surely most vibrant and diverse student Society.

Cycling to the brand new Sainsbury’s to buy food cheaply on Saturday afternoon.

Dr Dan making a house call and tactfully ignoring the enormous “Dan Must Go” poster on my wall."


Name: Ian Knight
Years at Warwick: 1977 - 1981
"The funniest event has to be the night that jack Butterworth left the Meriden Ball (I think?) and went to speak to students who were occupying Senate (about fees for overseas students, I think). A photographer from the Boar saw him and asked if he had a message for the students inside....he smiled and raised two fingers - an image that was everywhere the following day!

Don't know if you'll want to use this......" (Why ever not? Ed.)


Name: Anon
Years at Warwick: 2001-2004
" I remember waking up in lecture theatre R0.21 on a number of occasions... I remember less clearly falling asleep."


Name:Sunaina Patel
Years at Warwick: 2001-2004
"My time at Warwick was a self defining time. I remember being dropped off by my parents and waving good bye to them. It did not even occur to me that I was going to dramatically change as a person.

Entering Routes E block kitchen and facing lots of new eager faces who were chatting away made me excited. People from all parts of the world had amalgamated in this one place, Warwick. As I ventured further and went to my first socials and classes I met an array of people - they were all different, all of them had different experiences and had been brought up in different places and each person glowed with confidence and were proud to be at Warwick.

The Union's Top Banana, Soul Nation, Pressure, Skool Dayz, Boogie Nights to name but a few were amazing events and the highlight was going to the union and bumping into familiar faces, socialising and enjoying yourself.

I remember how dedicated Warwick students are to work. In the third term of each year the library would be packed with students. Often I walked up and down each floor until I found a desk to place myself on. I stayed there till the library closed and I was not the only one!

The best part was sitting on the Piazza in the Summer once the exams were over and popping open a well deserved bottle of wine. The sun would be shining whilst everyone drank beers, wines and alchopops. There was a sense of accomplishment in everyones mind.

My 3 years at Warwick taught me to be independant and confident. I developed my networking and organisational skills. Warwick provided me with so much more then a degree. It gave me the ability to stand on my own two feet and it gave me the confidence to accomplish my goals. My memories at Warwick are very precious and my wonderful time at the institution will stay with me for ever.

Thank you Warwick and Happy 40th Birthday!"


Name: Ali Jeffery
Years at Warwick: 1996-2000
"I loved my four years at Warwick. Of there were stresses and traumas - exams, coursework, being a real person on teaching practice when you want to be like those who are 'just' students - but there were so many good times. Too many to name.

The highlight of my time was stage-managing 'Crazy for You' with 'MTW' in the theatre of the Arts Centre. The glitter curtain, the pink, pink and more pink - fab! And all those hat boxes - a six month project which meant by little room in Tocil was taken over by corrugated card boxes, wallpaper, glue, scissors and general mess!

In fact my whole fourth year was pretty amazing. But of course every year has its special memories and the friends I still keep up with help me to remember those. Massive pancake sessions on Shrove Tuesday every year, post-union gatherings, Top Banana - oh, TOP banana!! - spring bulbs on campus, the autumn colours.

I felt lucky to be at such a great place, and am so glad that my initial rejection (because I applied for deferred entry) was changed when I applied the next year for immediate entry. How different my life might be now if I hadn't persisted to go to the place that hooked me from the first sighting."


Name: Catherine (Katie) Moore
Years at Warwick: 1999/2000
"Had a wonderful year at Warwick - stayed at Lakeside 1, Flat 19, from September 1999 to August 2000 - and enjoyed both the location and the great flatmates I had.

I enjoyed the course, and particularly the Library at Westwood (which is no more). But, even more, I enjoyed the Arts Centre, where I worked as a steward and spent many happy hours. I also remember, with fondness, the Music Centre and the Chorus reheasals and concerts - and had a marvellous time on Tour 2000 to Cologne, Eindhoven and Brussels, and then the concert we gave at the Birmingham Symphony Hall on our return. Also spectacular was singing on the ramparts of Warwick Castle in July 2000 for the Murallenium Celebrations with members of the Chorus and other visiting choirs.

I had a truly memorable year!"


Name: Sharen Jeet Kaur a/p Kartar Singh
Years at Warwick: 1990-93
"The most memorable and amusing memory I have is of the time when we had just ended Term #1(Nov-1990) and we had all turned in for the night. The temp was freezing then.

The next morning we woke up with so much snow we could not open the doors to our dorm ( Jack Martin )

People were left in a daze. There was me waiting for the morning bus at the bus stop in front of the Student's Union with 3-4 other students and we were all looking out for the bus due to come around the bend in a few minutes ... when it must have hit us simultaneously. The road had snow as high as 6 inches or maybe more .... what bus !!

Ha ! In the later days when the snow started to melt .... almost everywhere you turned someone had an arm or leg in a cast ... crtuches everywhere ... something out of a Beano and Dandy Comic.

Truly memorable moments ...sigh!"


Name: Wu, Sheung Yick Philip
Years at Warwick: 1992-1993
"It was the most enjoyable time in my life when I studied in Warwick, especially in the Postgraduate Residents. The combination of different nationality students and their diversity subject areas boarded my sense of culture and international view. I am very much enjoying the companies with the folks. It was a great experience and also helps a lot when I went out to work in multi-national corporations.

Warwick was not only gave me academic knowledge, but more important is the diversities and international culture which you never learn from books or lectures. I value this very much.

I wish I did my 3 years undergraduate instead 1 year postgraduate in Warwick.

Finally, wish the currently student enjoy the life and diversity in Warwick."


Name: Frederick Covins
Years at Warwick: 1977-80
"Check out Poetry page 3"


Name: Ray Campsie
Years at Warwick: 1966-69/70
"Does anyone else remember Cant -Campsie and Enever impersonating Econ. lecturers and 'interviewing' applicants for the Econ. degree, when we should have been revising for finals in spring 69?

Graham Pyatt almost smiled as he remonstrated with us. Dick Sargent hardly hid a grin and one applicant, so taken with our stats. test, (we did not know the answers either)that he left having thought that he had experienced the real thing.

Wonderful days."


Name: Karen Fill (nee Davis)
Years at Warwick: 1975-1978
"I met my future husband in 17 Whitefields & I remember the view across the mud to the Koan! I also lived in Tocil flats & Redfern. I did two years in the Computer Science department & remember programming in a strange COBOL-like language (BCPL?). My final year was in Management which was a revelation at a time of troubled labour relations. I remember graduation in Coventry Cathedral as a wonderful occasion - two weeks after I married Chris Fill! We visited the campus two years ago - 25 years since my graduation & our wedding - and lots had changed, but we found 17 Whitefields & the Koan and (my last, and abiding memory) the bus stop at the top of Gibbet Hill Lane - a point of many departures & returns during my three years! "


Name: Sheila Vince
Years at Warwick: 1981- 1984, then M.A. 1989
" As the most oldest undergraduate in the department, I felt like a fish out of water, dashing home to feed my family instead of partying and socialising! However, the age difference became totally unimportant because we were all in the same boat. Looking back I can't imagine how I coped, but it was one of the best things I have ever done, I would not have missed it for anything."


Name: Bogusia Wojciechowska
Years at Warwick: 1972-76
"I remember arriving for my interview early in 1972 and being told you were a good candidate for Warwick if you had a pioneer mentality. Indeed, the place was a mud bath and the tiles were falling... I loved it!

Coming back to London on the train I sat next to another History applicant, Ruth, and recall us talking about how we didn't know what we'd do if Warwick didn't offer us a place. There was a lecturer/graduate student in the same compartment. He smiled at us and nodded reassuringly: "don't worry, you'll be all right." I never found out who this was but it would have been great to tell him that we both did just fine. Ruth came to Warwick for a History & French degree and I stayed for both a Bachelor and Master's degree in History. But to this day I remember that sinking feeling in my stomach when I thought I wouldn't get to study in that mud bath!

'Dr. Dan the Asprin Man.' How could you forget him? He prescribed asprins for everything while his nurse ascribed most illnesses to the promiscuity of the student population. She once asked me how students could afford contraceptives if they were protesting about the increased costs of housing? I guess we had our priorities all wrong.

How could any History student forget the full-blown finals we had in our third year? Prof. Scarisbrick, the Head of Dept., of History, once made a comment that we had to have the moral fibre to survive finals in order to prove ourselves worthy of a History degree. Three years earlier, during our new student orientation, he told us that his department never gave firsts... there was no such thing as perfection in history...

The occupation of the Registry in 1975 - our finals got delayed because of the protest. I have some photos taken at the crack of dawn of the police arriving by the bus load and surrounding the Registry. It was pretty funny as the Registry was at that point occupied by only a handful of students. (I'll scan these photos and send them to you.)

But most of all I remember good company, long-haired guys, drinking in Rootes Hall, huge French sticks with cheese and crisps that were sold in the basement cafe at Roots, (great way to handle the munchies), studying 'til the early hours, the wonderful tranquility of a hippie campus submerged by a cloud of marjuana that would periodically erupt with political unrest. If we couldn't protest then, when could we do it? People definitely had a social conscience. Mind you, some of us haven't changed.... Thank you Warwick for giving me the environment in which I developed into who am I, for enabling me to discover how to reason and understand, and for many strong friendships that have supported me through the ups and downs of life."


Name: Mohammad .A.Mihyar
Years at Warwick: 1980-1983
" I consider it the best ever duration in my life."


Name: Kate Baber
Years at Warwick: 1985-1988
"I have some great memories of my years at Warwick.

I remember being told that an 'unnamed' band was about to play in a 'secret' gig in the Union in 1986 or thereabouts, and headed in to watch to find Simply Red playing to a very small audience which grew as the word spread round campus!

And there was that valentine's day when the Milk Tray men invaded the sports hall during popmobility (or whatever was the pre-cursor to aerobics back then) delivering boxes of chocolates and red roses.

I also remember hearing Sir Ian McKellen speak out against Clause 28 at around the same time. Really powerful; that amazing voice in our very own Union.

I remember all too vividly our final year end of term bash, at which someone started a fire in the grassy area in the middle of the Hurst flats. As it was right outside the steps to our flat it was mayhem - and we never did find out who had started it off. And the next day, I found myself trying to explain what had happened as I turned up for work in the Holiday Flats department...

What else? If it not already apparent, plenty of great times - meeting wonderful people many of whom have become lifelong friends.

My only sadness is that I've never been back. One day I will, although I won't be able to make the anniversary celebrations."


Name: David J. Kendrick
Years at Warwick: 1998-1991
"As a 41 year-old mature student I remember how nervous I was, and how unsure of the path I had decided to tread, in the early autumn of 1988. Almost from my first day at WU (Benefactors' Hall)I felt at home and in no way 'different'. The untimely death of my mother at Christmas of Year 2 almost led me to quit, but Dr Anthea Callen, in a long New Year's telephone call, persuaded me otherwise. Early tutors, in particular Dr Richard Morris, have remained friends and in Richard's case, a much valued professional colleague.

I found university life so attractive that somehow I managed to extend it for a further 3 years first at Birmingham University and then Oxford, and even now seem to find myself from time to time attending educational establishments in pursuit of futher post-nominals!

Certainly one of the better decisions of my life was to put Warwick first on the UCCA form back in 1988!"


Name: Kampta Karran
Years at Warwick: 1991/2; 1998/2001; 2002-
"After decades of brokeness the summer of 1999 was a season of healing. By some happy inspiration these lines came but they pale before this nirvanic moment.

The sun is out
all Warwick smiles
the birds and bees are happy.

The days are long
how each hour flies
love lust love lost not guilty."


Name:Paul Wyman
Years at Warwick: 1971-74
"I made friends for life, organised the 1st Campus Pancake Race, organised a national tour of a world premier of a Strindberg play and founded the Real Ale Society.

Other memories include the endless political debates, points of order, 3-day week & people turning lights on to support the miners! Country walks & picnics, loads of beer & parties, lots of sex - & I guess I must have studied something at some stage as I got a degree from one of the most prestigious Business Schools and Universities which helped me succeed in life."


Name:Nigel C Turner
Years at Warwick: 1972-1974
"Halcyon Days when beer was 12 pence a pint!"

Name:Shudong Zhang
Years at Warwick: 2003-2004
"As a fresh graduate, I spent the last year of Remarkableness, Impressiveness, Arduousness, Happiness... The all of Warwick brings me fantastic memory."


Name:Catherine Stubbings
Years at Warwick: 1999-2002
"I remember the first time I went to visit Warwick as a prospective student - it was the first university I had been to see and after that, no other university came close.

I had 3 absolultely fantastic years at Warwick, especially going to Top Banana, drinking in the Piazza in the summer and having tesco trolley races around whitefields in the middle of the night in first year!

The Student Union was way better than any other I have been to, and I always felt proud taking friends there when they visited.

I made some great friends at Warwick, most of whom I am still in touch with today. I miss the Cooler Diner breakfasts and Airfare pizzas which got us through many a weekend! "


Name: Tess Robinson
Years at Warwick: 1993--1997
"I must admit that I just put Warwick down to fill the gap for my 6th choice on my UCCA form. I didn't know much about the University and certainly had no idea how good it was.

I came for an Open Day back in 1992. It was a gloriously hot day and everyone was sat out on the grass with cold pints of beer. The staff in the German Department were really warm and welcoming and I thought 'This is the place for me'.

My student days were fantastic. I was a bit of a hippy indie kid and loved going to nights like Underground (60s disco) up in Rolfs. The outdoor all-night Hurst party at the end of the summer term with the annual stand-off with security was also a highlight.

I met loads of interesting, lovely people at Warwick, many of whom have become friends for life. I have carried on my connection with Warwick, as I now work here too."


Name: Jinrong Fang
Years at Warwick: 2003--2004
"Warwick University is a beautiful university which has many excellent teaching staff as well as modern teaching facilities. The learning experience at Warwick makes me more knowledgeable and critical than before. I like it!"

Name: Graham Webster-Gardiner
Years at Warwick:1966-70
"The degree was almost incidental, although with lecturers the calibre of Jim Bulpitt one could not underestimate the pleasure of study. I found my wife (Angela, History 69-72). As first sabbatical President I had the opportunity to visit most of the other then 40 Universities in the UK-one should not forget the achievement of Jack Butterworth in creating such a fine University even if I still dislike the White tiles."

Name: Eugene Derkach
Years at Warwick: 2000-2004
"We all know that Warwick is an exceptional place.

Being an international student at Uni, the experiences I've had were magnified by the fact of being abroad. And the most colourful, pleasant experience that has not ended with the graduation, and will forever form a significant part of my laife would be the Warwick people:

My friends, my teachers (I would first of all like to call all of my lecturers, assistants, professors and tutor - my teachers, as they did not only fulfill their name - lecturers did not only lecture, but with their own personality shedded light onto things not only within their specialist subject, but on life altogether), my colleagues - all of the people who've left a mark within my personality and have helped me become the person I am.

Thank you all, and thank you Warwick for the opportunity!"