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When to seek medical help

Get help if your symptoms get worse

Please seek urgent medical advice if you or someone else is feeling worse.


Medical emergencies include if you are:

  • struggling to breathe
  • coughing up blood
  • have blue lips or a blue face
  • feel cold and sweaty, with pale or blotchy skin
  • have a rash that does not fade when you roll a glass over it
  • collapse or faint
  • become confused or very drowsy
  • have stopped peeing or are peeing much less than usual

How to call an ambulance

  • On-campus dial 024 765 22222 for the Community Safety team
  • Off-campus dial 999

If you are on campus and have already called 999, please call Community Safety so they can escort the emergency vehicle to you. They can also give first aid support.

You can also see other emergency contact details at Warwick.

Non emergencies

Use the NHS 111 Coronavirus (Covid-19) service for medical non-emergencies:

  • You feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home
  • You feel breathless and it's getting worse
  • Your symptoms get worse and you're not sure what to do
  • Your symptoms do not get better after 10 days

Only call NHS 111 if you cannot get the help online.

Source of symptoms

NHS website

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