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What if I am sharing a kitchen or bathroom?

How to share your facilities if you are self-isolating

The cleaners will be regularly cleaning touchpoints such as handrails, door handles, push-plates and digilocks. Find out how you can use your other shared facilities on campus and keep them clean.

If you have symptoms

If you have symptoms, limit your use of communal spaces.

If you leave your room to access facilities, wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times. Do not use shared spaces such as the kitchen at the same time as other people - eat your meals in your room.

Kitchen hygiene

It is vital that you limit the time you spend in socially distant contact with others from your kitchen group whilst you are in self-isolation. You must remember that the kitchen is primarily a space for people to cook and eat.

If your kitchen group or members of your kitchen group are in self-isolation the kitchen rota system comes first.

  • Work out a kitchen rota so you are able to socially distance within your kitchen group or household – this will help you to limit time together in communal spaces
  • Clean kitchen surfaces before and after use
  • Don’t share crockery, glasses and cutlery and keep your equipment away from others
  • Wash up immediately after eating and use your own tea towel for drying everything
  • If on campus, follow the local guidelines about the use of kitchens
Gathering in the kitchen

It may be tempting for the whole kitchen group to gather together in the kitchen space. However, it is important that you observe social distancing guidelines in order to help contain any further spread of Covid-19.

Small socially distant groups of a few individuals talking is acceptable as long, as you allow space for those who need to cook according to the kitchen rota.

Noise regulations

You must still observe the rules with regard to noise and ensure that you do not disturb others - particularly between midnight and 8.00am.

What are the posters on the kitchen door?

Bathroom hygiene

If you're in a hall with communal bathrooms, please ensure that you clean the bathroom after you've used it.

If you're off-campus and living in a household with communal bathrooms, we advise that you set up a bathroom cleaning rota (cleaning twice daily where possible).

As part of your cleaning rota, pay extra attention (enhanced cleaning) to touch points such as handrails and door handles.

If you have symptoms and can use a separate bathroom we advise you to do so - or, use the bathroom after everyone else and clean it each time you use it, for example, by wiping the surfaces you've touched.

Rubbish (trash or garbage) collection - if self-isolating on campus

Find out about waste management

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