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Ways to manage anxiety

How to manage your anxiety

Anxiety is a normal feeling at times, especially right now. There is lots of support available, and the key is to reach out and access it if you need it.

Anxiety often increases when there are lots of unknowns, so having a look through the advice below may answer your queries and help you to feel more in control of your situation. You will find a few tools and strategies that may help to get you started, and links to some extra support if you need it.

You can read detailed information about anxiety from Wellbeing Support Services, where you can access online resources or use the Wellbeing Portal to speak to someone.

Focus on your breathing

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, focus on the breaths you are taking. Count to 4 on inhale and again on exhale. Do this as long as you need to.

How to do breathing exercises

Practice ways of calming down

Our calming exercises can help you to calm down if you are feeling panicked, and help you to unwind before bed.

How to calm down

Look after yourself

Make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating a balanced diet. Exercise also makes a big difference to our mood, improves sleep and reduces stress.

How to stay fit and active

Take some time out

Try mindfulness, meditation, reading, walking on the spot, or listening to a podcast or music. Breaks are just as important as time spent working, otherwise we burn out.

Ways to have fun during self-isolation.

Have a positive word with yourself

Keep a record of your thoughts or the things you are worried about to find out what you are thinking and when. Question your negative thoughts and think about positive or neutral alternatives.

How to think positively

Try these websites and apps

Useful links


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