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Change the way you think

Retrain your thoughts

By changing your approach to life, you can begin to feel happier and calmer. These steps can help make your head a kinder and easier place to live in.

Start to focus on the positive

Do you recognise the following in yourself?

  • You hear criticisms but filter out compliments
  • You blame yourself for everything
  • Everything is black and white

These are all signs that you may need to start to think more positively about life. Thinking positively can reduce your stress levels and help your physical and mental health.

Turn a negative into a positive

Show some compassion

The way you talk to yourself in your own head is important. Find out how to look after yourself better.

Be kinder to yourself

Assume positive intent

Do you assume that people dislike you? Does criticism always feel deeply personal? If you tend to get overly defensive, try this exercise instead.

Start assuming positive intent

Take control

Do you often feel like things spiral out of control for you, and you are left feeling helpless or unsure what to do? Find out how taking one action can help you reset and get going.

Do one thing you can control

Tell your brain it can worry later

Sometimes just knowing that you can think about this later on can help you to manage your anxiety better. See if this exercise helps you to take some control of your thoughts.

Set aside worry time

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