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Warwick in California

Joint Statement By The University Development Foundation and The University of Warwick Regarding the Warwick in California Project

The University Development Foundation and the University of Warwick announced that the University of Warwick has decided to withdraw from the effort to establish the University of Warwick in California.

The nonprofit University Development Foundation is disappointed with Warwick’s decision, but optimistic about attracting another institution of higher learning to build and operate a new campus on its 600 acres of donated land in Placer County, California.

The University of Warwick stated that, after much careful deliberation, its University Council concluded that what was now being considered had moved too far beyond the original vision of the project in terms of the nature, scale and timescale and that the University could no longer see a model going forward that would lead to the University being able to establish the originally envisioned fully comprehensive, research-led campus.
The University Development Foundation appreciates the serious effort Warwick made to consider establishing Warwick in California,” said Kyriakos Tsakopoulos, Chairman of the University Development Foundation. “This is a substantial challenge for any academic institution and we understand the University of Warwick must always keep its priorities under review. I have no doubt that the University Development Foundation will find the right match to expand opportunities for higher education in our community.
The University of Warwick has met and been impressed by so many enthusiastic and highly committed people who have come together to build on this idea and I want to thank them all for their support and generosity as we have worked together on this vision,” said Professor Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor and President of the University of Warwick. “We will therefore continue to follow the news from this project with great interest and the University wishes every success to UDF and all the people and organizations that will continue to work to deliver it.”
The University of Warwick’s Council made the decision, noting concerns about the evolving financial framework that would need to be in place to support a research-led comprehensive campus, and some of the regulatory issues that would apply to a non U.S.-based institution wishing to establish itself in California and other global political challenges. The University said it still believes there remains a significant and exciting higher educational opportunity in the region and has offered to provide the University Development Foundation with business planning support for a transitional period.

See press release for full details


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The University of Warwick has had a strong connection to the US since its founding fifty years ago.