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Faculty of Arts

Humanities BuildingThe Faculty of Arts is housed mainly in the Humanities Building. Departments range in size from the nationally prominent departments of History and English and Comparative Literary Studies to smaller departments and centres such as the School of Comparative American Studies.

A lively and varied selection of Arts departments means there is always something interesting happening (as well as seminars and lectures, of course). The chit-chat you come across in Humanities’ corridors and stairwells often takes place in a variety of languages, while many well-regarded authors spend much of their time in the building – these are people you may have an opportunity to meet and work with thanks to the Warwick Writing Programme.

Humanities Building

The Humanities Building is also home to the Language Centre where anyone can learn or develop skills in virtually any language. Its resources include tapes, computers, DVDs, and access to foreign television stations. The Language Centre is not just a stopping point for already fluent French and German students, but somewhere anyone can go to catch up on news in their own language with foreign newspapers and magazines or to try their hand at a brand new language by borrowing beginners’ text books for French, Spanish or whatever might take your fancy.

Cafe Humanities

Also in this building is Cafe Humanities coffee and snack bar, a popular stopping point for staff and students of the Arts Faculty, attached to a pleasant courtyard garden found in the centre of the Humanities building.

Milburn House

Also connected to the Faculty of Arts is Milburn House, home of the CAPITAL Centre: Centre for Creativity and Performance in Teaching and Learning. An innovative program based on the triumverate of The Royal Shakespeare Company, the School of Theatre and the Department of English. Located in the Science Park, the building also houses the departments of Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies, History of Art, and Film and Television Studies.

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