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Faculty of Arts

Humanities Building

The Faculty of Arts is housed mainly in the Humanities Building and Millburn House. The Faculty is home to a number of Departments and specialist research centres.

Humanities Building

With a lively and varied selection of Arts departments there is always something interesting going on: including seminars and lectures. The conversation you may hear in the Humanities building or Millburn House often takes place in a variety of languages. This reflects the large number of students studying a language with the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and the presence of many European exchange students who come to study at Warwick.

The Humanities Building is also home to the Language Centre where students can use the Centre’s resources to develop skills in a wide range of languages.

Cafe Humanities

Staff and students are very fond of the popular Café Humanities, which serves coffee, snacks and pastries and benefits from a pretty courtyard garden with its own resident duck population.

Milburn House

Millburn House is the home for many of the Faculty of Arts’ specialist facilities and practice-based disciplines. It is possible to bump into well regarded writers in the corridors of Millburn House, as they visit Warwick to collaborate with staff and students as part of the Warwick Writing Programme. You may also see artists and art history scholars visiting the History of Art department. There are also studios and rehearsal rooms for Theatre and Performance Studies and Film and Television Studies students.