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Found at the heart of central campus, the Chaplaincy is a peaceful space open to all members of the University community of any, or no, faith. You can come here for meetings, to relax or study together, enjoy light refreshments, or spend time in public worship or quiet thought. The chaplaincy hosts numerous discussions and debates involving religion or other issues.

The Chaplaincy is home to the Anglican, Catholic, Free Church, Jewish and Muslim chaplains, who are always happy to meet students socially and pastorally. As a valued part of the University’s Welfare network, the chaplains offer a sympathetic ear in total confidence to anyone who needs it.

There are regular services for all denominations as well as many social events. Christian groups meet several times a week for prayer, Bible study and discussion, and host events across campus. On Friday nights, Jewish students meet for the Shabbat meal, as a kosher kitchen is available in the building. The Islamic Society organises prayers for Muslim students in the dedicated prayer room on campus, and Halal food is readily available in the local area.

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