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Music Centre


Although there's no music degree at Warwick, the options for making music here are extensive – from Student Opera, Wind Orchestra and Rock-Gospel Choir, to the non-auditioned chorus of Music Theatre Warwick's weekend shows, there is something musical for everyone. The Music Centre promotes first rate excellence as much as it ensures all-inclusive fun. If you want to take it seriously, private tuition is available for both newcomers and diploma holders, and if you're really talented, there are several scholarships available each year too.

Based in Warwick Arts Centre, musicians have access to a huge range of resources – Music Centre performances frequently take place in some of the Arts Centre's biggest spaces, so the University Symphony Orchestra gets to perform in the same place as the London Symphony Orchestra.

The Music Centre itself also has a suite of freely available practice rooms as well as an Ensemble Room for larger rehearsals and performances. Many of the wide range of ensembles regularly receive coaching from professionals and help and encouragement is always on hand if you want to start something that isn't already on offer.


Always active, the Music Centre stages around 40 performances each term, including formal concerts in dinner jackets, casual lunchtime recitals, and even weddings in India. With an extremely active social side, CDs, tours, concerts and more, the Music Centre has lots to offer – stop by the brand new Music Room at the back of Butterworth Hall any time to stimulate your senses and get some inspiration!

But if it’s not music you’re in to, there’s a good chance it might be Sport at Warwick.