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Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Maths and Stats BuildingStudents studying within the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine have some of the newest, largest and most impressive academic homes in the University. Chemistry, Engineering and Physics dominate the other side of Library Road, while Psychology and Computer Science have new purpose-built buildings nearby. Our School of Life Sciences and Warwick Medical School are based at Gibbet Hill campus, a short walk from central campus.

Cutting Edge Research

Our departments and research centres are helping shape the world’s future through their cutting-edge research. They push the boundaries of innovative thinking, and inform the debate on the introduction of new technologies.

This passion for research excellence has fuelled thought-provoking questions like ‘Can we create false memories?’, extraordinary findings like stellar superflares, and medical advances like the world’s first ibuprofen patch.


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Teaching Excellence

Academics in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine guide the engineers, technologists and science researchers of the future, providing first-class support and training in the mathematical, physical and life sciences, engineering and astrophysics.

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Math Students

Science in Schools

The Faculty also works with teachers and schools to prepare the next generation of scientists. Our school resources offer a window into the skills needed for anyone wanting to journey towards a career in science or engineering.

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