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Faculty of Social Sciences


The Social Sciences Building is quite different from other University buildings, as it is more of a circular network of corridors, offices, seminar rooms and lecture theatres.

Overhead vines and wisteria wrap themselves around wooden pergolas that lead into the large social science courtyard, surrounded on every side by another section of the faculty.

The Social Sciences building is one of the most active buildings in the University, with several major departments and centres housed here.

Student Community

The Faculty of Social Sciences is home to a vibrant and diverse community of people, where independent thinking and entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of everything we do.

Cultivate conversations that inspire thought-provoking questions over a coffee at the cafe located on the ground floor of the social sciences building, or in the Faculty Hub on the first floor.

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Teaching and Research Excellence

Our departments and research centres provide an in-depth look at societal systems, covering enlightening topics from big data, to public health, to global governance.

We’ve received first-class funding from the likes of Nuffield Foundation and the ESRC, allowing us develop programmes like Warwick Q-Step - elevating our ability to support social scientists to reach their full potential.

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