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Students' Union

students_union.jpg The Students' Union (SU) represents the student body as a unified group. Warwick Students' Union is one of the largest and most active in the country. Respected for its first class facilities, fair trade policy, entertainment programme and 'safe space' environment – the stereotypical boozy Union social scene is only a fraction of what goes on at the SU. The Union is run by students, for students, and takes into account every aspect of being a student.


A few years ago, the Union underwent an £11 million renovation; a rebuild project to modernise the Union and make it a vibrant, cosmopolitan and contemporary hub of activity in keeping with the University's proud vision of the future. The brand new Union now consists of new retail outlets, including a deli making fresh baguettes (The Bread Oven), a new cafe (Curiositea) and a new bar, the Terrace Bar, which overlooks the piazza. As well as this, there is still the Students' Union eatery, The Dirty Duck, attached to the Union building, alongside a large pool room. However, the biggest developments of the refurb were the Copper Rooms: the new venue for SU nights. Popular nights at the SU such as Pop! and Skool Dayz now take place within these two, low-ceilinged large club-like rooms, which also host DJs and bands from all over the country.

Sabbatical officers

The Union's seven full-time sabbatical officers represent the concerns of the student body on a broad spectrum of issues. They provide a strong independent voice through which to communicate with the University and outside bodies. The Union seeks to provide for a full range of campaigning, academic, cultural, sporting, social, and welfare needs on behalf of the student body at large.

The Student Council

Involvement with the Students' Union is an integral part of the experience of being at Warwick. Members have opportunities to develop a wide range of skills that complement degrees and put them in good stead when seeking employment, with yearly elections for all the Sabbs officers, and most importantly, the SU president. A chance to get students interested in politics at an early age, election week is an exciting time on campus full of campaign posters and emotive pitches for office – the student council elections simply cannot be ignored!

Societies and sports federations

Students are often most active within the Union via membership of the Societies and Sports Federations. Warwick Students' Union is able to boast over 250 societies and 75 active sports clubs. This is an impressive number and one that Warwick SU should be proud of. The number of options grows year on year. If there isn't already something you fancy there's the opportunity to set up your own society, along with assistance and encouragement from finance and society officers.

Student media

Union NorthWarwick also has its own independent student newspaper, 'The Boar', as well as its own radio (Radio Warwick RaW) and TV (Warwick TV ) stations. Both RaW and WTV win awards at national ceremonies on a yearly basis and are both societies that really give your CV a boost if you get involved in them. With over 250 societies to choose from, there is simply no excuse to not get involved in one of them – so take the plunge and take part in anything you want, whether you’re into fine dining or free hugs, there is a Warwick society for you!

Many students surprise themselves by quickly getting very involved in the running of the society, and standing for roles such as Treasurer, Secretary or President of their favourite society. This is a great way to encourage students to take on responsibility and teaches them important organisational and management skills, appropriately contributing to their CV, too.

Involvement within the Union at large can be at any level. Students are automatic members, so you can choose just to play the odd game of Ultimate Frisbee or to go as far as organising the hugely popular Warwick Student Arts Festival, or One World Week, 'the world's largest student run international event'.