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Beyond campus


Our university is not, as you might expect, in Warwick. It's actually located very close to the city of Coventry (about 15 minutes away) and the town of Leamington Spa (20 minutes away). If you're arriving by train, Coventry station is the closest, with regular buses going from the station straight to the University, although Leamington train station is accessible too, with Stagecoach Unibuses making the trip just as regularly.

With two-thirds of students living off-campus, you can get the full advantage of a tranquil campus university environment as well as a more bustling surrounding such as the city of Coventry, or a busier, but still rather peaceful, town of Leamington Spa.

Travelling to campus

Transport to and from campus is easy. Buses run back and forth to the University from Leamington and Coventry (every 10 minutes or so in term-time, throughout work hours). There are also late buses until around 2am on certain nights, accommodating for events at the Students' Union. Local bus companies offer students reduced rate passes for the term or year that can also be used for travel in the local areas. Bus passes are strongly recommended and the use of the bus is much more encouraged than the use of a car to and from campus.


Located in the centre of England, the University has easy access to Birmingham and London. Birmingham, the UK's official second city, is 20 minutes by train from Coventry. Aside from the shopping attractions of the Bullring, there is also the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), and the National Indoor Arena. London is only an hour away by train from Coventry and an hour and a half from Leamington.


Leamington SpaThe University benefits from its diverse surroundings. There is the metropolitan buzz of close proximity to several major British cities. It is also in an area rich with history, with remnants of the past still very prominent in the landscape. Typical English towns and countryside fill the region and attract a lot of tourists. The medieval Warwick Castle dominates the centre of the historic town of Warwick, and should not be missed. If you look hard, you can spot the University from the top of the castle tower! On the University's doorstep, Kenilworth has its own story to tell and historic castle to show off, too.


The most famous town in the surrounding area is Stratford-upon-Avon, which is about 30 minutes from the University. This is the birth place of William Shakespeare, and now home to the Royal Shakespeare Company. As well as this, within about an hour of the University is the Cotswolds, some of Britain's most beautiful countryside.

The rest of the UK

As the University is right in the heart of the UK, there is plenty to see across the surrounding countryside and even more to see throughout the country - all major British cities are fairly easy to get to thanks to convenient train and motorway links from Birmingham, not just down to London, but up towards the north too. This makes it easy for people to get home when they are at Warwick, wherever they come from. Even if you are not from the UK, Birmingham International airport is just a stone’s throw away and the travel links from Birmingham to London mean that, although it is in the middle of England, it's still easy to travel to the rest of the world.