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Planning Issues

A substantial portion of the campus lies in Coventry on land designated in the adopted Coventry UDP for University purposes. However, almost half of the potential development land is situated within the Warwickshire Green Belt.

Planning policy requires that development in the Green Belt can only be permitted in very special circumstances. In this case, we believe these to be:

  1. The fact that the University of Warwick’s development in Green Belt has been accepted since 1965.
  2. The lack of alternative sites outside the Green Belt, which could provide the critical mass to offer even some of the benefits of Warwick campus life.
  3. The advantages of development on a single campus, particularly the transport reduction benefits compared to what would be the case if activities were split over a number of different campus locations.
  4. The strategic policy support for Higher Education development.
  5. The socio-economic benefits arising from the University of Warwick’s further development and expansion.
  6. The limitations of the development plan process to facilitate the University’s continued expansion.

It is important to acknowledge that the proposed development over the next 10 years is contained within the University’s 1965 boundaries and, therefore, no additional Green Belt land would be taken up over and above that gifted by the local authorities when the University was founded 40 years ago. Therefore, the further development of the University can continue to contribute towards the objectives for the use of land in the Green Belt, including access to open countryside, the retention/enhancement of attractive landscapes and nature conservation, all of which are sensitively addressed in the Masterplan.

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