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The Justification for Expansion

Warwick has become of one of Britain’s leading universities in the 40 years since it was founded, and is top-rated for the high quality of its teaching and research as well as for its campus. It has also forged strong links with business, the region and with local communities.

Warwick’s vision is to become a universally acknowledged world centre of higher education by 2015 (its 50th anniversary), firmly in the top 50 of world universities.

To achieve this requires the University to pursue the following strategic ambitions:

  1. Increase its international reputation for the very best research and teaching
  2. Continue to attract the highest quality staff and students by virtue of its reputation and its supportive yet challenging community
  3. Reach out to relevant stakeholders particularly in business, industry and government, but also the wider community, to win their support
  4. Position Warwick as an intellectual gateway to the UK and beyond by bringing sharper focus to regional, national and international engagement so that Warwick is perceived as a key node on the international map of higher education
  5. Generate a substantial increase in income to realise these ambitions, particularly through research growth
  6. Make the Warwick campus into a representation of the University’s strength of ambition and quality of imagination, distinguished by environmental quality, the highest standards of design, and a supportive collegial atmosphere.

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