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Cooking Connections Coventry


This project brings together artist-researchers from Coventry University and the University of Warwick, and participants recruited through Groundwork’s Cook Together Eat Together network.

Cooking Connections Coventry explores how creative food-based sensory activities can support wellbeing for older people in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Cooking boxes containing recipes and ingredients, accompanied by sensory cues, were be delivered to participants homes as part of the project activities.

Prior to the pandemic, an in-person event had been planned, which was redesigned in response to Covid-19. The plan to facilitate a sensory food workshop with older people in the community was replaced with a socially-distanced food event. Food boxes containing ingredients for making a recipe, menu cards and sensory prompt cards were delivered to participants homes. Researchers engaged with the participants via telephone to conduct a guided sensory mindfulness meditation and to collect feedback on the cooking activity. Outputs included a project video, an audio track (with sensory mindfulness meditation), sensory prompt cards, and an academic journal publication.

The project was led by Dr Elaine O’Sullivan, Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Centre for Dance Research (Coventry), Dr Emma Meehan, Assistant Professor at Centre for Dance Research and Co-Investigator for Sensing the City project (Coventry).