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Coventry Creates 2021


    This project addresses the history of solitude and loneliness in a pre-modern context. The project will use art to convey the experiences of solitude as articulated by pre-modern subjects, depicting solitude as an emotional state, whilst also helping to shape our understandings of the time we spend alone.


    Lost Museums?

    In the UK, more than 50 local museums have closed since 2008. This project aims to understand how decisions about museum closure are made, what is at stake in these processes and how closures are experienced by those with different types of connection to these former museums.

    The UK Vegetable Genebank

    The UK Vegetable Genebank manages an internationally significant collection of thousands of seed samples - conserving genetic diversity in a range of important vegetable crops. Our genetic diversity crop research is essential in ensuring access to nutritious food - now and in the future.

    Impact of Covid-19 on Hospices

    Little is known about how the pandemic has affected people with life-limiting conditions or those that care for them. This project explores the effects of changes to palliative services in response to Covid-19. Working with local hospices, researchers will capture a range of experiences of people in the region.

    Care, Caring and Carers

    This project focuses on the impact of the pandemic on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Families and Communities. It examines the effects of Covid-19 on both those who receive care, as well as their paid and unpaid carers, and uses an intersectional approach to incorporate race, gender and class.

    Say My Name

    This project explores whether a lack of familiarity with the pronunciation and spelling of people's names creates barriers to teaching and learning. Audio clips will be recorded of staff and students saying their names, resulting in the creation of a poem to be performed live at the Resonate Festival.

    Boliyan: Sounds of Women's Activism

    This project extends the research engagement and impact of the South Asian women's histories through artistic collaboration. South Asian women's oral histories in Coventry will be transmitted into a non-linear form of storytelling, through Punjabi female song (boliyan) and dance (giddha).

    Imagine Equality, Create Change

    This project will provide space(s) to encourage local women to think about their ideal society, and how political action can produce the desired change. Such articulations of political action can also inform policy makers and encourage wider publics to think about how to support such change to increase equality.

    Third Space AI

    AI opens up possibilities to address complex problems and imagine new worlds, bringing challenges and tensions as well as opportunities. This project explores how we are entering a post-human age, as AI takes on greater autonomy, infiltrating our infrastructure, interactions and identities.

    Our Words

    This project brings stories of creative freelancers to life through collaboration with a local arts studio. The team aims to enhance awareness of the issues, challenges and opportunities raised by their research amongst broader audiences, and demonstrate the vital work of creative freelancers within the UK economy.


    SPACEX explores how art, design and architecture can be used to help combat problems faced by contemporary urban spaces in Europe. The collaborative artist-researcher project will involve the creation of an experimental film exploring Coventry City Centre’s built environment in the context of City of Culture.

    Humans Not Heroes

    This project focuses on healthcare workers' reflections of their experiences of working through the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the hugely successful pilot version of the project in 2020, Humans not Heroes is now scaling up to allow up to 80 healthcare to become involved, with the creation of new audio art pieces.