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Care, Caring and Carers


How has Covid-19 impacted caregivers? How did family networks and community groups step in when the world shut down?

The research

The Care, Caring and Carers research project focuses on the impact of the pandemic on Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Families and Communities in Coventry and Leicester. It will examine the issues of care and caring faced by these communities by using an intersectional approach that incorporates race, gender and class.

It examines the effects of Covid-19 on both those who receive care, as well as their paid and unpaid carers. The project also explores how family networks and community groups stepped in when the world shut down.

The project is led by Professor Shirin Rai, Dr Jayanthi Lingham and Dr Shahnaz Akhter from Warwick's Department of Politics and International Studies, in collaboration with Spoken Word Artist Navkiran Mann.

The team's research moves away from simply applying a theoretical lens to issues faced by participants. Instead, it works with the community to understand the challenges that they have faced.

The project is part of a study by the Consortium on Practices of Wellbeing and Resilience in BAME Families and Communities (CoPower).

The artist

The research team will work with EGO Performance Company. EGO is a community-based theatre company that provides professional, vocational performance and production training for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism.

The organisation incorporates acting, dance, music and digital arts as part of its work. EGO has worked with groups including refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, adults with neurodiverse conditions and people experiencing mental health conditions.

The collaborative project will create a narrative-based piece of performance art, based on the interviews that researchers will carry out in Coventry and Leicester. The team will help create a photography-based visual narrative to further illustrate the issues such communities face. They will also work with participants to develop a script for a play to be performed by the EGO Theatre Company.

These resulting artistic outputs will provide a powerful narrative illustrating the impact of the pandemic on BAME groups.

“The work with EGO allows us to speak to the idea of community partnerships and the co-creation of research and impact. Our artistic output will be designed to show our research findings in a way that is accessible to all our communities and will put their voices, rather than those of the researchers, at the heart of the project.”

Professor Shirin Rai