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Coventry Creates Celebratory Event

During the on campus Resonate Festival in April 2022, we invited all Coventry Creates artists, researchers, team members, together with other local arts and cultural organisations, creatives and interested researchers to join us in celebrating the Coventry Creates Digital Exhibition. We heard directly from team members about how the projects worked and what they meant to them. Sherrie Edgar and Navkiran Mann performed their poetry, Life on a Deadline and Imagine Equality Create Change.

Attendees enjoyed food and drink whilst visiting the exhibition and chatting with Coventry Creates teams in the new Faculty of Arts Building on Warwick Campus. For many project partners this was the first time they had met in person, as the project was launched in response to the first UK lockdown in Spring 2020. Coming together in person after all this time resulted in a vibrant event full of energy, connections, and knowledge exchange.

The University of Warwick is committed to continuing to develop collaborations with the arts and cultural sector, share learning and inspire others. To find out more, you can read the Coventry Creates Evaluation. We've also produced a short knowledge sharing document that includes cases studies from Coventry Creates and will be helpful for any artists or researchers considering collaboration - Artist-Researcher Collaborations: Lessons and Challenges.

Once again, the project management team would like thank all the artists and City of Culture University Partnership researchers and professional services staff that made Coventry Creates happen. We would also like to thank Arts Council England for helping to fund Coventry Creates 2021.

Visit the online exhibition -

Here is a selection of photographs from the event: please click on an image to enlarge it.

All photography © Copyright 2022 Hollis Photography.

Professor Jackie Hodgson - Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research, UoW Academic Lead

Peta Murphy - Associate Head of School: Enterprise & Innovation at Coventry University, CU Academic Lead

India Holme - UoW Project Manager for Coventry Creates

Artists who contributed to Coventry Creates

Sherrie Edgar delivering a talk on Coventry Creates project Imagine Equality, Create Change

Left to Right: Ed Collier, Rochi Rampal and Izzy Taylor presenting on their Coventry Creates project Thresholds

Artists, researchers and project team group photo

Navkiran Mann performing poem Life on a Deadline

Jane Bryan presenting on Coventry Creates project Say My Name

Left to Right: Emily Warner, Ed Collier and Izzy Taylor

Delegates viewing the exhibition

Emily Warner delivering a talk on Coventry Creates project Things Change, Things Changed

Professor Mel Jordan delivering a talk on Coventry Creates project Art and the Urban Commons

Professor Mel Jordan and Duncan Whitely presenting on their collaborative project Art and the Urban Commons

Artist John Bernard - Coventry Creates project Lost Museums?

Gabrielle Freeman - event coordinator

Peta Murphy in conversation at the event

Navkiran Mann performing poem Life on a Deadline

Left to Right: Jane Bryan and Verity Pabla presenting on their collaborative project Say My Name

Professor Nirmal Puwar, Co-Director of the Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths, University of London and Visiting Fellow of Centre for the Study of Women and Gender University of Warwick, who contributed to the Coventry Creates Boliyan project

Delegates viewing the exhibition

Delegates listening to talks on the Coventry Creates 2021 projects

Left to Right: Emily Dunford, Paul Daly (Coventry Creates project Furniture of My Imagination) and Verity Pabla (Coventry Creates project Say My Name)

Celebratory Event in action

Sherrie Edgar - Artist on Coventry Creates 2021 project Imagine Equality Create Change

Celebratory Event in action

Shahnaz Akhter presenting on Coventry Creates project Life on a Deadline

Duncan Whitely - behind the scenes interview

Delegates in conversation

Artists, researchers and project team who contributed to Coventry Creates