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Coventry Creates Videos and Mosaic

When artists, researchers and project management team members celebrated Coventry Creates during Resonate Festival April 2022, we took the opportunity to create two short new videos capturing ‘Artist Perspectives on Coventry CreatesLink opens in a new window’ and ‘Exploring Research TogetherLink opens in a new window’ plus a video summarising the exhibition itself.

You can hear directly from those involved about the impact the project has had on them and on their work. We also created a Coventry Cathedral mosaic (below) which features an array of images from the event and artworks.

“Developed in response to the challenging environment of the 2020 lockdown, the essence of Coventry Creates has been a programme of work carried out and exhibited in a digital space. This event was a wonderful opportunity to finally come together, to meet one another, to share stories of collaboration and to celebrate the work of artists and academic colleagues.” Professor Jackie Hodgson, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

For more information please contact India HolmeLink opens in a new window, Research and Impact Development Manager (Regional)

Coventry Creates Mosaic.

Images captured at the Coventry Creates Celebratory Event, April 2022. Photography and mosaic design by Stuart Hollis.

Coventry Creates ‘Visit the Exhibition’


Within Coventry Creates, some artist-researcher teams already knew one another and many were paired together via the project, having never met each other before. The project launched during (and in response to) the first UK Covid-19 lockdown in Spring 2020 and again in 2021 thanks to funding from Arts Council England. Over the 2 years 61 researchers spanning many diverse research areas and 67 visual, performance, mixed-media and spoken word artists, producers and creatives have been involved.

Artist-Researcher Collaborations: Artist Perspectives on Coventry Creates


"Artists told us this was a really valuable way into universities..." University of Warwick Academic Lead Professor Jackie Hodgson

"...was pretty profound and definitely helped me develop my skills." Artist John Bernard, 'Lost MuseumsLink opens in a new window'

"Working with a researcher... is actually quite expansive because you get a topic that you would perhaps not necessarily explore." Artist Verity Pabla, 'Mapping Women's SuffrageLink opens in a new window' and 'Say my NameLink opens in a new window'

"'s been a very unusual and transformative process for my practice." Artist Emily Warner, 'Things Change, Things ChangedLink opens in a new window' and 'The CCLink opens in a new window'

"...I'm finding new information and new access to different things." Artist Sherrie Edgar, 'Mental PerspectiveLink opens in a new window' and 'Imagine Equality, Create Change'Link opens in a new window

"It's just made me see the purpose of art to really bring to life peoples experiences in a way that a lot more people can understand what it feels like." Artist Navkiran Mann, 'Life on a DeadlineLink opens in a new window'

Artist-Researcher Collaborations: Exploring Research Together

"I will absolutely do this again in the future if I ever get the opportunity." Researcher Jane Bryan, 'Say my Name'

"...a really good way to make us consolidate our relationship in the terms of our research interests." Researcher Mel Jordan, 'Art and the Urban CommonsLink opens in a new window'

"Working with Paul made me have to ask and think about my sources in a very different way." Researcher Naomi Pullin, 'Furniture of my ImaginationLink opens in a new window'

A big thank you to all involved from the Project Management team

The Coventry Creates Project Management team is comprised of academic leads Professor Jackie Hodgson (UoW) and Peta Murphy (CU), Project Manager India Holme (UoW) and Project Support Samima Hussain (CU).

We would like to thank all those who helped make the many elements of this project happen, from artists, to researchers, to professional services staff, colleagues at the Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry Art Forum, the Coventry City of Culture Trust and the Digital Exhibition developers. We would also like to thank Arts Council England and numerous internal sources of funding across both universities, including UoW ESRC Impact Acceleration Account, UoW Global Research Priorities funding, UoW Arts and Humanities Impact Fund, the Resonate Festival team and the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences.

Getting Creative with Sustainability

Some of the artists involved in Coventry Creates are collaborating with researchers on a new programme 'Getting Creative with SustainabilityLink opens in a new window'. The University of Warwick has funded six new creative knowledge exchange projects involving researchers, artists and regional organisations. Visit our page 'Getting Creative with SustainabilityLink opens in a new window' to find out more.