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Coventry Creates Digital Exhibition

    Visit the 2020 Digital Exhibition

    Explore the full 2020 Digital Exhibition, or click on a project below to view the individual artworks in the exhibition.

    The CC

    How can we support the health and wellbeing of carers? This project focuses on the ‘Care Companion’ – a resource developed by Warwick Medical School to support family carers through a digital platform


    Cov Made Me

    How does the city influence Coventry’s creative community? This is a collaborative artistic research project exploring the relationship between Coventry as a place, and the identity of the city's artists and creatives

    Flow, Fauna and Flora

    How can we capture the river in ways that will generate conversation and conservation? This project explores the flow, flora and fauna of the River Sherbourne, at the point in Spon End where it slips beneath the city

    Found Sound

    Found Sound explores cultural memory and heritage through sound. This project brought together a researcher, sound designer and digital practitioner to create an immersive experience using ‘found sound’ in the Cathedral's archive

    Homeless Monopoly

    Homeless Monopoly is a board game featuring real testimonies and scenarios of homeless and ex-homeless people in Coventry. It aims to raise awareness of and empathy for the city's homeless and rough sleepers

    Mapping Women's Suffrage

    Can we identify and map as many Women’s Suffrage campaigners as possible? This project aims to gather information about the ‘Votes for Women’ campaigners in English towns, cities and villages in 1911

    Mental Perspective

    The Mental Health and Productivity Pilot (MHPP) is a study examining the importance of supporting and improving workplace mental health. Using MHPP data, Artist Sherrie Edgar wrote a poem and recorded a film of a dance, depicting the meaning and impact of the pilot

    Mind the Cracks

    How can a creative production help us understand psychosis? This project focuses on early psychosis, psychological distress, self-harm and associated health services. Based on real experiences, a film was produced exploring the early stages of psychosis


    Can drama benefit refugee and asylum-seeking communities? This project captures refugees and local community’s voices through interviews, questionnaires, self-produced text, visual materials and performance, and illuminates questions of integration in times of uncertainty


    Coventry was a pioneer of twinned cities. Twinning began in World War Two when Coventry twinned with Stalingrad (now Volgograd) in Russia. But what is the purpose of twinned cities, and why do they matter?

    The Artist and the Prof

    An artist and a professor explore their shared experiences as women, wives, (grand)mothers and survivors of hardship and domestic violence, reflecting on resilience and hope in times of crisis

    Boats on an Ocean

    We’re humans not heroes: The experiences of healthcare workers during Covid-19. This is an audio recording exploring the emotional impact on healthcare professionals during pandemic, contrasted with the hero narrative

    The City is a Virus

    What would Coventry feel like if it were human? This project produced a short poetry film ‘The City is a Virus’ to document and archive the extraordinary and unprecedented new world environment of the Covid-19 pandemic

    Dancing Bodies in Coventry

    How does the body of the city co-exist with the dancing body? Dancing Bodies in Coventry (DBiC) is a multimedia project telling the story of dance the city - celebrating the amazing variety of performances in Coventry

    The Make and Look Lockdown Book

    This project uses narrative and poetic devices to immerse the reader as a book's main character. The resulting book allows readers to engage with the research in a physical way - quite literally creating the meaning of the project

    Quiet Coventry

    What happens to public spaces when no one is there? This project led to the production of is a virtual reality film exploring people’s emotions in public spaces and where crowds form. It raises questions about perceptions of space, reality and the wider world we inhabit


    Investigating remote methods of production, this project explores the use of online collaboration tools to run a mini-series by Coventry-based theatre group Highly Sprung

    World Wide Window

    How can we communicate with film projections? Comprising a series of city-wide projections, World Wide Window took over windows and shopfronts in Coventry, prompting conversations about the role of art in everyday life

    Read a full evaluation of Coventry Creates 2020, including details of the benefits and impact delivered to both researchers and artists.

    The Coventry Creates 2020 exhibition received funding from multiple sources across Warwick and Coventry Universities, including the University of Warwick Impact Acceleration Account ES/T502054/1.

    The evaluation of Coventry Creates was funded solely by the University of Warwick Impact Acceleration Account ES/T502054/1.

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