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About Coventry 2021

What can you expect to see?

  • Coventry’s 2021 programme will include a Street of Culture programme co-producing work in local communities.
  • Tthe city will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its cathedral with a major new lighting commission.
  • A 2.2-mile Ring Road poem is set to one of the digital centrepiece of 2021 along with major productions by the RSC and the screening of the entire works of Shakespeare in iconic locations.
  • An artist-led festival called ‘Moments of Silence’ will create moments of silence and beauty and reflect on the city’s 700-year-old Carthusian monastery Charterhouse and play on the myth of being ‘Sent to Coventry’.
  • Building on the success of 95-year-old Indian Photographer Masterji’s exhibition, the city will develop a project - 'Tale of Two Streets' - that looks at two of the most diverse streets in Britain through the eyes of photographers.

"It has brought so many people and organisations together and this is just the start. Over the next three years we will ensure that everyone in the city, which has been moving people by cycle car and jet engine, is now moving people through culture.”

- Laura McMillan, Manager of the Coventry City of Culture Trust

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