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Coventry cultural strategy 2017 - 2027

cultural_strategy_goals_carousel.jpgCoventry's cultural strategy 2017-2027, approved by Coventry City Council and outlines a ten-year vision for the cultural life of Coventry, building on the existing heritage and culture of Coventry.

The University of Warwick was commissioned to write the 10 year cultural strategy for Coventry (funded by Coventry City Council and Arts Council England) and based on an extensive consultation process.

Jonothan Neelands, WBS has led on the report working with Andrew Dixon, bid adviser to Coventry 2021
and visiting professor at Coventry and Warwick Universities and a number of researchers at both institutions.

Five key goals

icons-group_vertical.pngThe strategy proposes five key goals which will support cultural growth in the city:

  1. Partnership - a new partnership approach to cultural growth, which ensures access and sustainable funding for a wide range of cultural organisations activities and events across the city.
  2. Lifelong learning - all children and young people have an entitlement to the arts and digital creativity in schools and in their community which is not limited by family income, location or age.
  3. Diversity - communities and individuals are empowered to celebrate and share their heritages, cultures, abilities and identity and participate in the cultural life of the city.
  4. Health and wellbeing - arts and culture are core to the health and well-being of the city. Culture makes a major contribution to encouraging healthy lifestyles and physical activity.
  5. Economic growth - Coventry is a culturally vibrant, attractive and prosperous city that enriches the lives and environment for all residents.

strategy_front_cover.pngIt’s important that this strategy remains flexible and consultative in order to stay fresh and embrace new ideas, people and technologies. There will be an on-going research and evaluation process to regularly inform the implementation of the strategy.

The full report can be downloaded from the website along with blogs from those involved which can be read online at

I’m delighted that Warwick is strengthening our commitment to our region by supporting Coventry in developing its cultural strategy and through our continued commitment to contributing to the implementation underpinned by the research led by Professor Jonothan Neelands.”

Stuart Croft, Vice-Chancellor and President

Jonothan is Director of Research on the Executive Bid Committee for Coventry City of Culture 2021 and was Director of Study for the Warwick Commission on the Future of Cultural Value and Research Project Director for the Creative Industries Federation .

The cultural strategy will provide Warwick and Coventry universities with a 10 year impact trail with further place based research (and biennial review) with opportunities to further the research excellence agenda and of course embed Warwick in the cultural, economic and social dimensions of the city and wider region but should also offer opportunities for teaching, problem based learning, UG research, placements and volunteering.

The current website, technical report as well as video and blogs can be viewed on the website

Read Coventry City Council's press release on the cultural strategy here.

Guiding questions for the strategy and consultation

The following questions about how to build a strong cultural future for Coventry were the basis for consultation with residents, City institutions, businesses and community representatives. These questions informed the goals and the big ideas of the strategy:

  • How might a partnership between the city, its universities and businesses build a sustainable and inclusive cultural future?
  • How do we work towards a culturally inclusive strategy across the City?
  • How can we work and plan together to ensure every child and young person has the opportunity to engage with the arts in all their diversity?
  • How do we keep our traditions of sanctuary, welcome and reconciliation alive in the culture of the city?
  • How can we build a lively, exciting and engaging urban culture?
  • How do we create and connect creative quarters for making and networking
  • How do we raise the visibility and profile of the city as a must-visit cultural centre?
  • How do we use our cultural and other assets to become a national centre for conferences, exhibitions and festivals?
  • How do we best connect culture and the arts to health and well being?

Watch Sir Peter Bazalgette's, outgoing chair of Arts Council England viewpoint of the importance of culture to the development of cities such as Coventry.