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Feel Connected, Get Creative - Coventry Creates

The City of Culture University Partnership

Presents a new, exciting funding call

‘Feel Connected, Get Creative - Coventry Creates’

 THIS call closed at 12:00 noon April 30th 2020

The University Partnership is pleased to announce funding of up to £2,000 per project to commission a range of artistic works that can be shared digitally. We would like to commission local artists and creative organisations to collaborate with researchers from Warwick and/or Coventry University in order to create novel artworks in response to research projects.

The call is open to all types of research, relating to our City of Culture Research Themes, in all Faculties. Whilst we are keen to see applications from new projects that are specifically about the covid-19 crisis and are still developing as the situation unfolds (e.g. infectious disease, immunity, pandemics, social isolation, mental health, homeworking, remote working, key workers, education, air/water pollution etc) your project does not need to relate to the crisis in order to apply.

We would like to hear from anyone working in the arts including (but not limited to); combined arts, dance, film, libraries, literature, music, museums, and theatre and visual arts. We also look forward to receiving applications that showcase interdisciplinarity and innovation. The commissions will be showcased in a digital exhibition in summer 2020, to be curated by the University Partnership in conjunction with the City of Culture Trust. All works of art resulting from this call will also be digitally archived in the Coventry City of Culture Digital Archive. This is an exciting opportunity to extend the reach of your work, gain new contacts and engage with City of Culture.

  • The work should be shareable digitally.
  • An artist applying needs to have a track record that demonstrates that the substantive/principal part of their occupation is as an artist.
  • Projects will be shared with the producing team at the City of Culture Trust and may be picked up for further development.
  • Coventry University has a number of digital practitioners who can become creative practice partners on proposed projects. This means that if you are uncertain about how to realise a project though digital outputs and artefacts - we may be able to link you with the expertise needed.
  • A fundamental condition of each commission is the understanding that the artist will work with/respond to a matched research project through a series of digital conversations and collaboration. Production of these commissions must be possible within the boundaries of our current 'locked down' situation; safety and adherence to current social distancing measures are paramount.
  • We encourage collaboration between researchers at the University of Warwick and Coventry University, but this is not a prerequisite. We welcome applications from either or both institutions.
  • The artist/arts organisation should be within the CV postcode area. Where an arts organisation is working with an artist, the artist must also be within the CV postcode.

Key Dates: 

  • April 3nd 2020: Call Launches.
  • April 30th 2020: Call Closes at noon, midday.
  • April 30th - May 15th: Applicants are contacted. Those that are successful and already matched will receive Terms and Conditions and a cost code in order to commence work. Researchers and artists that are successful and require matching will be linked together and development of the piece will commence.
  • May - July 2020: Collaboration commences and projects continue.
  • July 10th 2020: Projects should be complete no later than July 10th and artists/organisations must receive final payment before July 31st 2020.
  • Summer 2020: Digital Exhibition opened

This is an experimental call so if you are planning on applying then please let us know as soon as you have decided. This will help us plan for the call close, assessment and matching process of applications.

Please express your intent to apply here ASAP.
Please submit your application before April 30th noon, midday. All forms are available here.

* This call has been funded by the University of Warwick and Coventry University from a number of internal funding sources such as the; Higher Education Innovation Fund, the Sustainable Cities and Connecting Cultures Global Research Priorities, the Warwick Public Engagement Team and more.

A truly collaborative effort across our University Partnership.