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The Apocalypse is Now!

Saturday 16 – Thursday 21 October | Warwick Arts Centre Cinema (CV4 7AL)

A mini Futures film fest. Four special film screenings addressing future issues with introductory talks and discussions on the themes of space waste, Anthropocene, architecture and androids.

  • Gravity – Saturday 16 October | 14:30 – this science fiction thriller is based around space junk and the disasters it can cause. First described some 40 years ago, the chain-reaction of debris formation is known as the Kessler effect. Professor Don Pollacco, Director of Warwick’s new Centre for Space Domain Awareness, will focus on the issue of space waste, the truth behind the Kessler effect and what it means for our skies in the future.

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  • Homo Sapiens – Tuesday 19 October | 18:30 - Often classed as a documentary, this film combines static, wordless shots of abandoned derelict places around the world. Because there are no humans to be seen in these images, the film suggests a postapocalyptic era when humanity is no more. The discussion will draw upon research relating to Dr Tiago de Luca’s forthcoming book, Planetary Cinema: Film, Media and the Earth and the increasing awareness of Anthropocene – the human impact on Earth which has become a geological force
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  • Paradise Lost: History in the Un-Making - Wednesday 20 October | 18:00 – Filmmaker Andy Howlett’s documentary on the final days of Birmingham's condemned Central Library complex. Decried by the local authority as an eyesore but hailed by Historic England as an exemplar of post-war design, the story of this concrete colossus and the fight to save it weaves together archive footage with on-the-ground explorations. Dr. Otto Saumarez Smith (architectural historian and author of Boom Cities: Architect Planners and the Politics of Radical Urban Renewal in 1960s Britain) and Andy Howlett lead the discussion around what we can learn about the forces that shape a city?
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  • Ich bin dein Mensch/I’m Your Man – Thursday 21 October | 16:45 – an “AI rom-com” exploring the blossoming relationship between a female archaeologist and her male companion robot. What will relationships look like when our partners are artificial people? The introductory talk from Liam Rogers (PhD Researcher, Film and Television) will look at the ways in which the film plays with the long-standing tradition of the male-created idealised, artificial woman and explore themes of control, agency and authorship to show how the film offers a timely, female-directed image of a particular future.
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