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Payam Motahar

About Payam Motahar

Payam Motahar was born in 1986. He is from Bandar-Anzali, Iran. Since February 2021 he has lived in Coventry, UK. Payam started to play when he was 17 years old 

The Song

This song which is to introduce my own life. It is about positive power, family, dramatic story, love, missing, weeping, distance; like a prisoner who lives in jail for a long period and still should stay there.


A ceiling above head

And walls around it

A window facing out

With a curtain on it

The clock is running away

As long as I’m awake

The sun is shining

On the violet flowers

This house is too old

Aside friendly neighbours

It has a small yard

And fish in its pond

A place that reminds me 

Of my days and nights

A frame full of memories

Which I called it home

I miss it everyday

Far home – far – far away

Some birds are floating

In that clear sky

The trees gonna dancing

With cold wind from the north

A group of young kids

Are playing in the lake

I’m looking around me

Dreaming of my home

I miss it everyday

Far home – far – far away