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Impact, Legacy and CofC 2021

These pages are currently under development (01.04.2020) thank you for your patience

Advice for current City of Culture project researchers

At this point in your project, whilst undertaking events and meeting regularly with project partners, it is helpful to start thinking about the impact of your project and collecting feedback during events and project meetings to help articulate the impact of the project for everyone involved. This information can then inform the end of project report, as well as help to develop the project further through external funding applications and schemes.
When thinking about the impact of the project, it may be helpful to consider some of the questions below;
  • How many participants were involved?
  • Which organisations/project partners did you work with?
  • What was the impact of the project for the project partners/organisations?
  • What was the impact on participants?
  • What problem/issue does the project address?
  • Are there any links to media articles or evidence of social media engagement with the project?
  • Has it resulted in any plans to/applications for external funding grants?
  • Has the project resulted in continued work with your project partner?
  • Has the project brokered relationships with new organisations or partners?
  • Has the project brokered engagement with new audiences?
  • Were any UoW or CU students involved in the project? What was the impact for them?
  • Did the project work with particular social groups? Key audience groups?
  • Has this project formed part of any publications?
  • Has this project been used as a REF Impact case study?
  • Have any practices/policies changed as a result?
  • What do you think is the legacy of the project?
In order to help articulate the impact of the project, feedback from participants and project partners in the following forms is really informative;
  • Testimonials from partner organisations/participants
  • Quotes/feedback from events
  • Evaluation sheets/questionnaires
  • Photos/videos
  • Media articles
  • Social media interactions
  • Quantitative data - increase in visitor numbers, revenue etc.
If you would like to discuss impact further, ask for advice on ways to capture impact and/or would like to discuss the development of your project, please get in touch with India Foster at