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Art-making: Coventry’s Past, Present and Future


What does the practice of art-making signify in Coventry, a city rich with histories of arts and engineering? How has lockdown fostered or limited our own art-making practices? How important are public arts and art-making to the people of Coventry, or for our children and young people?

This project brought together the views of the city’s people, sharing them at CoC21 events at the Daimler Powerhouse Creation centre opening. The research built on, and informed, the projects ‘Combustion’ (a festival celebrating the intersect of engineering, architecture and art) and the ‘Teach-Make Education Programme’ (in which teachers help develop ‘imagineering’ schemes of work located in art making).

The focus of this research was on understandings of Imagineer’s previous work in developing art-making activities in schools and the wider community.

The project was led by Dr Jo Trowsdale from the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick, and was funded by the Warwick Institute of Engagement as part of their City of Culture Public Programme of events.