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Identity and Resettlement Among Young Refugees in Coventry


In recent years, Coventry has welcomed and helped resettle several hundred refugee children and their families.

This research project provides a case study of a Coventry school’s involvement in this process of resettlement by working with refugee and migrant children from the Middle East and North Africa attending this school. Researchers will utilise the data to support the work that schools (more generally) undertake with the children in the city.

This is part of ongoing research with refugee children through the Positive Youth Foundation (PYF), an agency supporting children and young people in Coventry.

The researchers have previously worked with creative arts and community organisations to explore the process of social identity formation in adolescent Syrian refugees. They are also helping to assess the educational needs of refugee and migration children that are attending PYF. Through this collaborative approach with PYF, researchers hope to identify key focal points of assistance within a broader city based network of statutory and nonstatutory support for recent migrant children.

The project is a collaboration with the Positive Youth Foundation, Dr Michael Wyness and Monireh Partovi, (Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick), Dr Annamaria Pinter (Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick) and Professor Sheena Gardner (Applied Linguistics, Coventry University).

To find out more, please contact Dr Michael Wyness.