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Reading & Writing the City


Research into the relationship between minority and majority groups has mostly focused on the majority group's attitudes towards the minority. Little research has been done from the opposite perspective. So how do members of a minority group feel towards the majority?

This question is particularly relevant when it comes to immigration. Immigrants are expected to make an effort to integrate into their host society. But how do immigrants perceive this society?

The project aims to deliver an online workshop for users of Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre (CRMC) to explore their experiences of and feelings about Coventry and their life in the city. It will gather participants’ views about their immediate neighbourhood, about the city of Coventry, and about Britain. Through creative writing workshops, they will be supported to create a poem about the city and their experience of living there.

Participants will benefit from a space to explore their own creativity, and from seeing their work showcased on channels such as the University of Warwick website, CRMC's website and local magazines. In a time of increased isolation, the project will provide a forum for participants to meet others, share ideas, and form new local connections.

The project will benefit communities that have fewer opportunities to engage with arts and culture. Researchers will also produce a toolkit for other universities, individuals or organisations to undertake similar activities with refugee and migrant centres across the UK.

The project is led by Dr Friederike Schlaghecken (Department of Psychology, University of Warwick).