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Reimagining Women’s Experiences with Legal, Political and Civil institutions


This project will bring together people from the School of Law, the Centre for Lifelong Learning and colleagues at Coventry University, Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, Foleshill Centre for Women, Women’s Aid, CRASAC, as well as local artists to explore ideas around a piece or an event on the theme of reimagining women’s experiences with institutions.

The institutions involved are the focus of research of those academics who are participating, such as criminal justice (legal), political parties and movements (political), and marriage (civil).

Encounters with these institutions, particularly for minority or marginalised women, can be exclusionary, discriminatory or challenging. The idea behind the project is to rethink women’s lived experiences.

The aim of the workshop is to begin planning a collaborative project and outputs. The final project is likely to be performed or exhibited in the Shop Front Theatre Coventry. It will be heavily be shaped by all the participants - and is also likely to involve service users from the organisations involved.

To find out more, please contact Dr Laura Lammasniemi