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Coventry Lives


This project will create biographies of Coventry citizens.

Stretching from medieval times to the present day, biographies will be generated by a team of researchers and utilise crowd-sourced information. They will be presented on a digital map and timeline and will be tagged to allow communities to curate their own histories.

The research team will source oral histories of local people, with emphasis on hearing how lives can help record a changing city.

These histories will be sourced through a combination of targeted interviews and inviting people to upload their own material. Either through 3D modelling or by relating locations on the map to photos and drawings, the team will digitise drawings and photographs of pre-war Coventry to demonstrate how it may once have looked. The team will also work closely with schools to foster greater awareness of local history.

Creative writers will run workshops on biographies and autobiographies, working with pupils, parents and grandparents to add another dimension to project.

The research is led by Professor Mark Knights (Department of History, University of Warwick - pictured above) and Steve Ranford (Digital Humanities, University of Warwick).

For further information, please email Professor Mark Knights or Steve Ranford.