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Mapping Women's Suffrage in Coventry


The Votes for Women campaign was a long and difficult struggle fought by women and men in streets and neighbourhoods across Coventry.

The Mapping Women’s Suffrage in Coventry project plots the diverse locations, lives and activities of many unknown Votes for Women campaigners.

Led by Professor Sarah Richardson (Department of History, University of Warwick - pictured right), the project will work with local schools and community groups to help populate the project’s interactive map and provide a rich picture of the history of women’s suffrage in the city.

'Deeds' is a song & video celebrating the women's suffrage movement & women's activism past and present. The song was created by musicians The Pips with Verity Pabla & in partnership with Coventry Creates & Warwick University & inspired by The Mapping Women's Suffrage, 1911 project. The video was produced by volunteers at Mapping Women's Suffrage with thanks to The Women's Library, LSE. For more information about the project visit

To find out more, contact Professor Sarah Richardson.