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Coventry’s Windrush Stories


The Windrush Scandal and the high numbers of deaths as the result of Covid-19 are only the two most recent challenges facing the Windrush community in Coventry and Britain.

While there have been some coverage of these events nationally, those within the community have yet to tell their own stories. Using digital storytelling techniques, this project will work with the community participants in the curation and telling of their own ‘Windrush Stories’.

In collaboration with an organisation called Septimus Severus, the project will use a community-engaged approach and will centre the authority of members of the Windrush generation in the telling of their own experiences and histories.

The project is led by Dr Meleisa Ono-George from the Department of History at the University of Warwick, and funded by the Warwick Institute of Engagement as part of their City of Culture Public Programme of events.