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Culture, Rights and Community

Language Policy and Local Curriculum Initiatives

In this project, researchers aim to understand the implementation of language education within the city of Coventry from the perspective of national policy and local curriculum initiatives over the last 50 years.

Screening Rights Film Festival

This international festival of social justice films is now in its fifth year, and features screenings of some of the most interesting and highly acclaimed new films, as well as post-screening discussions involving directors, producers, writers, activists and experts.

Spon End Stories

This project is creating a story about Spon End - one of the oldest parts of Coventry. It will encompass local voices to narrate the memories and histories of the people who live, work or simply pass through this suburb.

Celebrations and Communities: Coventry's Festival Occasions in 15th-17th Centuries

This project uncovers the rich heritage of large-scale civic and religious events - from medieval mystery plays to royal and noble visits to the city - and explores their relevance to Coventry’s modern diverse community.

Coventry: A City of Cultures

Coventry's unique character is a manifestation of complex cultural interactions. This project will introduce local schools and the general public to cultural diversity in Roman and Medieval Coventry and create a lasting legacy for Coventry City of Culture 2021 and beyond.

Windrush Strikes Back

Windrush Strikes Back was a collection of activists, academics and engagement practitioners who held local public workshops. During the workshops, attendees became ‘Decolonial Detectives’ to help the research team uncover African Caribbean people's histories, cultures and perspectives.