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Emma Parfitt - Storytelling for Health

Emma Parfitt

I am a storytelling researcher. Interdisciplinary work has always interested me. I was awarded an honours degree in Environmental Science, and an MA in literature from St Andrews University, and recently a doctorate in sociology at the University of Warwick.

I have teaching experience running creative writing workshops for businesses and Huntercombe Hospital in Edinburgh, a clinic supporting young women with eating disorders. I worked part time to fund my doctorate and plan to gain university teaching experience during a postdoctorate. I am currently an IAS early careers fellow and working on an IATL strategic Grant funded project which I was awarded alongside Cath Lambert in the Sociology Department. This involves research with the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry.

There is no shortage of creative activity in Coventry, the City of Culture bid is a great way to demonstrate that Coventry is a city full of people who are passionate about art, music and drama. Although my recent exhibition focuses on artists within Warwickshire, lots of great work is happening within Coventry in terms of theatre, drama and storytelling. The Belgrade Theatre is an obvious hub of projects working in collaboration with the community. There are also local initiatives through Coventry Performing Arts taking music, dance and drama into schools and communities, and community-based drama such as The Saints Dramatic Society who raise money for charity and Highly Sprung who create almost works of art inside a caravan involving storytelling .

Emma's exhibition 'Storytelling 4 Health' partnering local artists with Warwick PhD students will be on at Fargo Village on 26 November 2016. You can read her blog here: