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City of Culture Themes

The City of Culture Trust has developed the broad themes of a Dynamic, Caring and Collaborative City...

Dynamic: Youthful, green, playful, industry pioneers, connected and smart. Did you know the Green Party was founded in Coventry?

Coventry’s past, present and future, its education, activism, public spaces and green spaces make it a truly dynamic and exciting city.

At the University of Warwick, we have always encouraged activism and volunteering amongst our staff and students. Our researchers focus on diverse areas such as television history, heritage and memory, cultural and media policies, global (including local) sustainable development. We are home to national centres tasked with paving the way for green technological solutions to local, national and global problems. Our research examines and investigates local history, personal stories of the city, spaces, places and buildings and the history of the city’s representation whilst also looking to the future working on intelligent vehicles of the future and driving innovation in transport, energy, materials and manufacturing.

Caring: Healthier, safer, welcoming and inclusive, working with the arts to address mental health, loneliness, exploitation of young people, isolation, poverty and homelessness.

The University of Warwick has thriving research centres related to this theme. For example, Human Rights in Practice, works with Coventry Women’s Voices, the Coventry Law Centre and Coventry Citizen’s Advice Bureau to produce Coventry specific reports such as the impact of benefit sanctions on people in Coventry’. The Centre for the Study of Women and Gender assisted with this report looking at the impact of cuts upon Women in Coventry. Our Centre for Operational Police Research considers research areas such as Stop and Search Disproportionality and Factors Affecting Domestic Abuse whilst working with West Midlands Police.

Warwick has other related research centres such as the Institute for Employment Research which considers areas such as work-life balance. We have growing research groups in Mental Health and Wellbeing and a network of active student and staff volunteers.

We have developed a range of research projects that highlight and support the caring role of our city. From projects working with asylum seekers and refugees, to creating public art with homeless young people, we are committed to supporting the city and its people across a range of issues.

Collaborative: Local, co-created, citywide and equal, working with local communities, family hubs, local business, high streets and estates, housing associations and schools. Supporting volunteering and encouraging activism.

Our researchers have many collaborations with schools, communities, cultural groups and venues such as the Moat House Community Trust, The Herbert Art Gallery, The Belgrade Theatre, Grapevine, Groundwork UK, Wriggle Dance Theatre, New Art West Midlands, Coventry City Council and Foleshill Women’s Training Centre.