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What will be the impact of the new car park?

The new car park will not result in traffic or parking levels exceeding those agreed in the 2009 Masterplan and Travel Plan.

The University regularly surveys traffic levels around campus with the City and County Councils in accordance with its Section 106 legal Agreement. These have remained below the maximum levels set in 2009, even as the campus has continued to develop in accordance with the masterplan.

The University will ensure that, when the new car park opens in 2018, the maximum number of spaces available on campus remains within the 5,422 limit set in 2009.

Although the University is confident that the new car park will not result in traffic increasing above the maximum levels set through the 2009 permission, it appreciates that there are high traffic volumes around this part of campus at peak hours. It has prepared a Transport Assessment for the planning application which considers the operation of the Kirby Corner Road/Gibbet Hill Road roundabout and the distribution of traffic on the highway network.

We are confident that there will be no need for major works to the highway as a result of this application subject to agreement with the Highway Authority.

In recognition of recent issues for traffic exiting the Science Park along Lynchgate Road, the University is separately proposing a new left-only exit from Millburn Hill Road onto Kirby Corner Road, which will assist in splitting traffic heading south and north and provide relief along Lynchgate Road during the PM peak hour.

In the longer term, the University is starting a review of its masterplan looking ahead another 10 years beyond 2019 which will take into account, amongst other things, the recently proposed A46 Link Road to Westwood Heath.