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How will it operate?

The University operates a number of multi-storey car parks and has recently completed a new one at Lynchgate Road. Drawing on its recent experience, the University will work with specialist contractors to deliver an efficient and safe new car park.

There will be two points of access, one from Gibbet Hill Road and one from Kirby Corner Road, both of which are existing entrances to car park 16.

The users of the new car park will be staff mostly working in nearby buildings. The new car park will also be linked to the rest of campus by the University shuttle bus and its bike hire scheme.

As with the Lynchgate Car Park, the control of use will be by Automatic Number Plate Recognition which does not require barriers which can otherwise cause delays in accessing the car park.

High quality pedestrian routes will be provided to link the car park into campus.

The car park needs to be ready for September 2018 and will take around a year to build.

Plan of the site

Click the thumbnail below for a full-sized plan of the site:

Plan of the site