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Managing Covid-19 safely

Below you can find out about the current arrangements in place at Warwick

We continue to work together and support endeavours across the region to protect the wider community and prevent transmission of Covid-19. It goes without saying that the safety and wellbeing of all members of our community and neighbours continues to be our utmost priority.

We have strongly advised our students to be fully vaccinated and continue to remind students of our community responsibilities that we all play a part in upholding, making campus and the surrounding area a safe and welcoming environment for all.

We also continue to ask our students to regularly test and have a dedicated testing facility on campus for staff and students. If you’d like to know more about the safety measures in place for our new academic year, please read on below.

Face to face teaching
  • Following the Government announcement on 8 December, it has been confirmed that face to face teaching and learning arrangements should continue as planned until the end of term.
  • As we look ahead to term 2, the intention is that teaching and learning will go ahead as planned.
Staff and working on campus
  • In line with Government guidance, staff who are not in teaching roles or roles supporting face to face teaching and learning, library, student support and campus services, research or lab activities should work from home where possible.
  • Staff are also advised to test twice a week with Lateral Flow Tests, even if fully vaccinated.
Travelling to and from campus
  • It is recommended to use face coverings and follow Government guidance when travelling to and from campus, including on bus services.
Warwick Arts Centre
  • In line with Government guidelines, all attenders will be asked to wear a mask both in the foyer and in all our venues during performances and screenings from Fri 10 December 2021.
Cafes, retail, conferences, Warwick Arts Centre and Sports and Wellness Hub
  • Social distancing is not required, but you can socially distance from others if preferred.
  • Everyone should wear face coverings when moving around crowded or enclosed spaces. However, face coverings are not needed when you are sitting down, or when taking part in any strenuous physical activity or sport.
Teaching, library and study spaces
  • 1.5m social distancing will continue for scheduled in-person teaching, research and library/study spaces.
  • Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear face coverings when moving around crowded or enclosed spaces. It is strongly encouraged to wear them when sitting down too.
 Offices and dwell spaces
  • 1.5m social distancing will continue where space allows in offices and dwell spaces
  • Everyone should wear face coverings when moving around. It is strongly encouraged to wear them when sitting down.
  • Where space doesn’t allow for social distancing, individuals are advised to use face coverings unless agreed as a group using that space that they are content without.
  • Face coverings should continue to be used when individuals are moving around these spaces.
Asymptomatic testing and hand sanitising
  • Asymptomatic testing will continue. Everyone who lives or regularly visits campus for study or work is strongly advised to continue with twice weekly testing (and PCR testing will continue to be available for anyone with Covid-19 symptoms).
  • Individuals are encouraged to continue to use hand sanitiser available in spaces across campus.

We continue to reinforce the messaging from local public health officials to our students moving around in our local area, emphasising the need for responsibility and to be considerate of all as we continue to protect one another in our wider community. This is advised to be done through regular asymptomatic testing and vaccinations, wearing face coverings on public transport, in shops and health buildings, as well as following hygiene practices around hand washing and using sanitiser.

If you have any questions, please let us know at

Get in touch

We have a webform to report issues with student residents. You can access it here.

If you have any other questions, suggestions or concerns – or if you want to tell us about a student neighbour who has been especially thoughtful – please do let us know. You can email us on or call us 024 7615 0708.

If you have thoughts on something we might have missed, or just general comments, we’d love to hear from you via

Term dates 2021-22

Monday 4 October 2021 – Saturday 11 December 2021

Monday 10 January 2022 – Saturday 19 March 2022

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