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Campus developments: summer 2016


This summer will see a new phase in our work to develop central campus.

Coventry City Council will begin work to create a roundabout at the junction between Lynchgate Road and Sir William Lyons Road from Monday 27 June.

On Central campus the Teaching and Learning Building is nearing completion, and work will start to reconstruct the landscape around the National Automotive Innovation Centre (NAIC).

We will also do some works to University Road which, together with the other works on campus, will cause some changes to bus services.

Lynchgate Road

Coventry City Council will start work to create a roundabout at the junction between Lynchgate Road and Sir William Lyons Road from Monday 27 June. This roundabout will support access to our newly-constructed, 629 space multi-storey car park when it opens later this year, as well as improving vehicle access to the Science Park.

The works also aim to improve safety for pedestrians with the installation of central pedestrian refuges to help with crossing the road. The footpath along Lynchgate Road will also be widened to accommodate cyclists.


Concept drawing of the changes that will be made to Lynchgate Road.

University Road

As our work on the Teaching and Learning Building enters its final phase, work will start on the outside space. Over the summer vacation pedestrian improvements to the section of University Road next to the building will be constructed. We’ll remove the two temporary zebra crossings, and implement a single, raised, wide table with a zebra crossing directly in front of the building.

Also during the summer vacation, further around University Road we’ll carry out some resurfacing and remodelling work. We will narrow the road between the Humanities bus stop and the NAIC site, freeing up space to widen the path next to the IMC building. We’ll also improve the railings there for added safety.

University Road and Library Road will be accessible throughout, but traffic management will be in place. Please take care if you’re driving, cycling or walking around these areas, and follow the guidance on any signs you see.


There will be many changes to bus services this summer:

No buses will stop on University Road

Firstly, the works on University Road will mean that both bus stops there (Gatehouse and Humanities) will be taken out of action. No scheduled bus services will stop on University Road while this is in effect, but all of the services that usually stop there will be accessible from the bus Interchange. There are also two stops near the Scarman roundabout.

New services and cancelled services

There will be some new bus services and some existing services will be cancelled following reviews by Stagecoach and Travel de Courcey. The 360 will be cancelled and replaced by two separate services, the 43 and the 60/60A. Stagecoach’s X16 has already stopped operating. And the Oxford Bus Company’s Airline service from Oxford to Birmingham International Airport will stop on campus.

Health Centre Road and taxis

Work on the Teaching and Learning Building will have an impact on Health Centre Road. This area will be reconfigured, introducing 3 new disabled bays near the junction with University Road, maintaining 10 short stay bays, and creating a service vehicle layby for the new building.

During this time, there will not be room for the taxi rank, so it will move from Health Centre Road to the Bus Interchange. Taxis will queue along the side of the Interchange furthest from the Arts Centre.

NAIC site expansion and pedestrian diversions

The hoardings around the NAIC construction site will expand from Monday 4 July to the full extent of the project. This will mean that the long path from University House to University Road will be closed, as will the section of Milburn Hill Road linking University House to the Science Park.

For the full week commencing 4 July, when the NAIC hoarding is being moved, University Road will be reduced to 1 lane near the site. There will be traffic management in place.

There will be fully accessible pedestrian diversions around the site, as indicated on our map. One of these will lead through car park 16, next to University House.

Campus transport map summer 2016

Transport arrangements in summer 2016. Click for full map.


Concept art for the National Automotive Innovation Centre showing the plans to landscape the exterior. Click for full size.

Artists impression of the Teaching and Learning Building

Concept art for the Teaching and Learning building. Click for full size.