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Warwick Volunteers in Canley

Over 2,000 students and members of staff at the University of Warwick donate more than 20,000 hours of their time each year to local schools, community groups and charities.

The achievements of the Warwick Volunteers in Canley include the planting of over 1000 trees, environmental clean-ups of local woods, land clearance, development of a wildflower meadow and the organisation of a Kidz Kamp for children from local schools.

Richard Dale, Community Regeneration Team at Coventry City Council wrote;

The help, hard work and commitment received from the Warwick Volunteers has made Canley an even better neighbourhood in which to live. Thank you.’

The teachers from Charter Primary School explained the positive impact that Kidz Kamp had on the children;

This experience has really enriched the children’s personal development as well as their learning in school, it’s fantastic for the children to have spent time with aspirational role models’

Read some of the thank you letters from the children to Warwick Volunteers:

Thank you so much for giving up your time just for us! It was the best week ever, thank you so much!

I am just writing to thank you so much for the great time we had at Kidz Kamp. I enjoyed the trip it was fabulous, spending time with you was the best.’

I enjoyed my trip a lot and it was stupendous and fabulous it was the best experience of our life.’

Thank you for spending your time with us instead of you being on holiday. I will cherish all the marvellous time we had and I will miss all of you.’

Click on the thank you letters below to read them:

kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-10.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-11.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-12.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-13.jpg
kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-14.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-15.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-16.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-2.jpg
kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-3.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-4.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-5.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-6.jpg
kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-7.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-8.jpg kidz-kamp-thank-you-letters-2015-9.jpg kidz_kamp_thank_you_letters_2015-2.jpg