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Application Form and Timing

The planning application will cover all nine development projects and be a ‘hybrid’ (a mix of full detailed and outline proposals).

Full details will be submitted for the following projects, to enable a start on site in 2019:

  • Faculty of Arts (Project 6)
  • Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building (IBRB) (Project 7)

Outline proposals will be submitted for the other 7 projects, which will fix their development parameters in relation to matters such as scale and building heights.

The detail for these outline projects will be subject to subsequent reserved matters submissions for the Council to consider (similar to how the current Masterplan works).

The University is seeking approval for an additional 1,030 parking spaces. This will be controlled through a revised/new S106 (legal) Agreement and new Travel Plan commitments.

The application will be submitted to Coventry City Council only; no part of the application falls within Warwick District. However Warwick District Council, along with Warwickshire County Council as highways authority, will be consulted.

The University is seeking the permission to run for 5 years, although it anticipates that many of projects will be commenced within 3 years.

The application will be submitted in June, hoping to receive approval by September/October 2018.

Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building - CGI
Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building - CGI

Faculty of Arts - CGI
Faculty of Arts - CGI
May 2018: Stakeholder consultation; June 2018: Planning application submission; September/October 2018: Planning Decision; January 2019: Faculty of Arts and IBRB consturction starts; 2019 - 2021: Reserved matters applications for outline projects; 2021 - 2024: All projects commenced construction

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