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Hannah Jones and There There - Alternative Facts and Immigration: fake it until you make it - Trigger warning

Dr Hannah Jones' (Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology) work focuses on a range of themes, most recently she has been working on an 18 month project that explores the impacts on local communities and national debate of current publicity campaigns about migration by the UK Home Office. Using her research background she led on a seminar at the Tate Exchange titled “Alternative Facts and Immigration: fake it until you make it”. It was an interactive seminar where audience members working alongside academic researchers and artists to produce, develop and shape news headlines. Providing an intimate opportunity for the audience to understand how and why news headlines can be constructed and mediated to share only one point of view.

There There is an artistic duo made up of a 50% Romanian 50% Serbian performance company by Dana Olărescu and Bojana Janković. Their work explores the ideas of contemporary immigration, national identity and exclusion. They allow participants to experience the life of an immigrant as understood and imagined by the British media. By merging traditional English fete games with the x enophobia of the media anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Both Hannah and There There’s work explores the themes and issues surrounding fake news and negative anti-immigration opinions. These pervade our headlines and seem to lack a basic factual background but have huge impact on the general public’s vision of immigration and immigrants.

You can read about Hannah's research in her new book "Go home?: The politics of immigration controversies" available to read online.

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